Who We Are

Marie BeneshMarie Benesh has been working in Web Development and Social Media Management for the last 10 years. In November of 2014, she opened Media Point Design with her business partner, Susan Daniels, and together, they have been focused on introducing new online technology capabilities to small businesses.

From 2011 through 2014, Marie worked as an account manager at Arch Digitals, a Brooklyn based digital agency, where she managed relationships with a variety of digital marketing clients, advised clients on social media marketing options and programs, and managed work plans and deliverables for agency and client staff resources.

Prior to her work in digital marketing, Marie spent 30 years working in IT focusing on enterprise systems and program and project management in both the public and private sectors. Recognized for her skills in implementation planning and execution, Marie has for the better part of the last two decades focused her efforts on helping higher education institutions adopt and deploy new technology platforms and has facilitated large-scale implementations at a wide variety of institutions including Rochester Institute of Technology and Hobart & William Smith Colleges.

Susan DanielsSusan Daniels’ original love and educational journey was in advertising design. That plan took a different route and she was able to acquire many skills along the way.  She has always been a strong advocate and facilitator for moving forward with technology in every job she has ever held. Susan was responsible for learning and implementing systems and helping to train others within several organizations. She was the domain and email administrator for her company and a valued member of the IT Committee. Susan was responsible for company advertising which involved not only content but design and publishing.

With many years in the workforce, she has acquired strong skills in facilitating and managing team workload, government reporting deadlines, implementation of regulations, and the deliverables for a utility company and an education facilitator.

The skills and determination Susan has brought to Media Point Design have allowed her to continue this strong foundation for our team with website design, social media management and marketing, blogging and the training for clients in website maintenance and social media.

ramilmRamil Matienzo splits his time between Media Point Design and a local advertising firm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and has been working on web design and development for more than 10 years. He is our resident eCommerce, CSS and Photoshop guru.

Ramil worked as a Multimedia designer/developer at Code Soft from 2006 – 2013, designing and developing websites and flash banners. He joined Arch Digitals, a US based digital agency as a Digital Designer Consultant from June 2011 to July 2012, where he met Marie. In November 2014, Ramil joined Media Point Design as a Web Designer.

Before his interest  in web design and development, Ramil worked as a Service Engineer and as a Graphic Designer.

Ramil’s quick response to any needs from our clients is one of his strengths, along with his ability to offer a wide range of solutions and options to enhance the look and feel of a site and to solve design issues. He is an integral and appreciated part of our team.

What We Do

MEDIA POINT DESIGN is a multi-services group consisting of specialists in the fields of website design and development, web content and social media. As a team, we understand every client’s need to take advantage of the business opportunities found in digital technologies. From small to medium sized businesses, we can provide customized services aimed at meeting your specific requirements.

We work with small business owners who struggle with an old, out-of-date website (e.g. not mobile-friendly), who lack the time and skills to create a new site on their own, and who would like to find someone to build a modern, visually appealing website. Our clients expect a reasonable price that is high quality and to work with someone who will teach them and support them afterwards.

What Makes Us Different

What makes our web design different from the other web designers is that we take the time to understand our client’s needs and give them additional ideas and options for fulfilling their vision.

We pay attention to the little things that will help them highlight their brand and showcase their business the most.  We have quality standards, produce excellent results, apply a personal approach and work closely with our clients to deliver their vision

As a result our clients receive an exceptional experience and a website that exceeds their expectations.

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Testimonial from Cardinal Disposal:

We began working with Media Point Design a few months ago when we were looking to redo our website. We have been very pleased with all the attention to detail, and the personal touches they have been able to offer. Media Point Design is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to deal with.

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