Overcoming Fear of Marketing

Over the last year of working almost exclusively with small businesses, I’ve noticed a characteristic that seems to plague small businesses more than most…Fear of Marketing.

Many of the small business owners I have worked with (not all) rely on word of mouth and ads in print publications (the shopper, the pennysaver, the local newspaper) for their marketing efforts. Results used to be good using these media, but we all know that many of us don’t read those free papers that show up in our mail or on our porch much anymore. Millennials certainly don’t.

In some cases the business owner is more afraid of technology than of the actually marketing effort. They don’t know how to post on Facebook, or haven’t spent enough time on their blog to remember how to do more than log in when they do decide to write a blog.

Some think they don’t know how to write, or what to write about, or don’t have time to write (problems I can certainly relate to!).

In the end, learning these new tasks can have a real impact on a small business. It does take effort…and practice. None of us were good at anything the first time we did it (or the second or third!). But with practice comes comfort. The first time you get a comment on a post on Facebook is thrilling! When you gain a new customer from an engaging blog post, you just can’t help feel the accomplishment.

Yes, it takes time, it takes effort, and it takes practice. But getting over the fear of making a mistake, fear of technology, or fear of putting yourself out there is what makes the difference between an okay business and a really successful business.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about some of these barriers specifically…and offering tips on how to move past them. Stay tuned.