Why Your Restaurant Website Must be Mobile Friendly

Your restaurant website must be mobile friendly. 88% of smartphone users check the web on their phones every day searching for products and services. If a website isn’t responsive (usable on any device), users will skip on by and go to another site.

You may have a beautiful website with classy photos of your facility, your food and that gorgeous view from the veranda, but if a mobile user can’t see those features, you may have just lost a potential customer. This is especially true for restaurants in tourist areas, where people are looking for a place to eat now and may not be familiar with the area. They want to be able to check your location, look at your menu and book a table all without doing more than clicking a few links.

It is also disappointing to customers to find out the menu on your website isn’t reflective of your current offerings. Failing to update the menu on your site – including daily specials – can make for an unhappy customer experience and the loss of repeat business.

Make sure your website is up-to-date, is responsive and is inviting and engaging to potential customers.