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The Barriers to Blogging

Depressed businessman sitting under question marks

You know you need to be blogging more (so do I!) But you tell yourself you don’t know what to write about, or you don’t have time. You tell yourself you aren’t a good writer.

Here are some ideas that might help:

  • Make a list of topics that your customers or clients are interested in – what do they want to know, what interests them, what questions do they ask you?  Now you have a list of things to write about. Scratch that excuse off your list.
  • Make an appointment on your calendar to write one blog – just one. Give yourself an hour.
  • Sit down at the appointed time. Turn off email, turn off Facebook, turn off the phone (yes, you can do that.) Now, pick one topic and write 10 sentences about it. Not in order, not in any lovely, organized way.  Just 10 things you could say, ask about, or explain about this topic.
  • Now go back through it and rearrange the sentences, rearrange the words, replace words that don’t fit or sound good to your ear.
  • Now you have the basis for your blog post. Does it fully answer a question or explain a process, a how-to or give your reader information they need? No? Add 5 more sentences that finish the explanation or closes up the topic. Done!
  • Now do it again next week.

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