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Website Finishing Touches

You’ve built your own site and now there are just a few things you don’t seem to be able to get the way you want them. We can work with clients that need that last 10% boost in professionalism or to help them finish their site with a specialty plugin or other need.

What we offer:

  • Web design boost. We can work with you to get those last few touches of design on your website and make it sparkle.
  • Specialty Plugin search, install and setup. We can help you find, install and set up a specialty plugin to give you that additional website functionality.
  • Theme selection. You’ve looked at a hundred themes and don’t know what you really need.  We can help you sort out theme options and select, install and setup the right one for you and your business.
  • You choose. Any other backend WordPress help you need.

We work in 4-hour segments with these kinds of requests.