Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

It’s been a surprise to me to find out first hand how many small businesses don’t have a website. I have read the stats – 44% have no website. None, nada, zip. But it still surprised me when I started looking for some information online in my own locality. And then there are the websites that were built in 2007 and still display the same pages that were originally posted, which is almost as bad as having no website at all.

When you don’t have a website, your potential customers may not know you exist. They do a Google search for a business like yours in your area and who do they see?  Your competitor.

Every business needs a strong and professional web presence, no matter your size. Gone are the days of potential customers picking up the phone book and looking in the yellow pages – Google is the yellow pages today. And when someone does find your 2007 website, they wonder if you’re still around. The first impression might be that your business isn’t going to offer them the kind of options they are looking for; that perhaps your inventory is as old as your website, or that your place of business is not “kept up” in the same way your website isn’t.

These may not be fair assessments of who you are and what your business is about, but this is their first impression and if you don’t look good to them on the web, you may never get a chance to show them what you have to offer at all.